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Dash cam features you need to know

Dash cams are meant to help car owners stay safe on the roads and ensure your car is safe when in parking. However, it is important to understand what these devices are all about. Thus, this write-up shares some essential features in Cobra dashboard camera and what each of them has to offer.

Video recording

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This is the primary function of a dashcam. As such, this feature records your entire journey while on the roads. This evidence can be used to prove your good driving habits to insurance providers and the police. This is especially true whenever you are involved in an accident. These devices are known to capture almost all incidences on the roads. As a result, all cars should have them on their windshield.

Night vision

Driving at night comes with the risk of having the camera miss out some essential incidences. The good thing is that some dash cams have a night vision feature that allows the camera to capture happenings in low light intensities. In a way, this features serves to ensure you remain protected when driving at night.

Motion detection

Motion detection is a feature that gives a dash cam the ability to detect motion around it. This feature is usually used when the vehicle is parked and is only activated whenever there is some movement near your car. This comes in handy when someone hits your vehicle or attempts to gain unauthorized entry into your car.

Dual camera

This feature lets you have two recordings while on the road, thanks to the front and rear lens. Some models allow you to record both front and rear recordings at the same time to ensure nothing goes unnoticed. Two-way recordings can be particularly useful depending on your individual needs or the desire to have extended coverage. This also useful if you want extensive coverage.


car cameras 11This feature is supported in some camera models. This is an important feature that lets you determine an accurate geo-referenced location of the recordings. In most instances, the recordings and the real time of the location are integrated using special software. This is particularly important for analysis after the journey.

Screen display

Some dash cams have a unique LED screen. This display unit makes it possible to view the footage in real time and also play it back while still on site. In most instances, small dash cams do not have this feature due to their compact form factor.…