They say that it is better to prevent than to cure. Prevention is cheaper than cure. And regarding this, it is better to protect your device from cache killer viruses than waiting until the system is affected. When you want to avoid being tracked by an online fraudster, you should always clear all your browsing history on your device browser.

Many cache killer extensions are merely adware. Therefore, you need to differentiate between a cache killer and a system killer. The following is a comprehensive guide on how to avoid the harm caused by malicious threats in the name cache killer extension. Continue reading to apprehend some of the best ways to keep your privacy and system safe, google history clean your webbrowser.

Use firewall

33kjhjhThe use of windows firewall with advanced security is one of the best ways to maintain your web credibility and most importantly the primary security of your computer. Make sure that your windows firewall is up to date and activated if you are using windows. The use of firewall helps to block all malicious threats that may be posed by scam cache killer extensions that try to tamper with the working of your computer.

Use of Anti-virus

Another effective way of getting rid of malware from scam extensions is by installing legit anti-virus programs on your browsing device. Make sure you buy a very strong anti-malware program to block and delete all suspicious programs set to attack your privacy. The anti-virus should be on real-time protection. Also, note that some anti-malware programs are just malware by themselves. Therefore, do your homework before buying a powerful anti-virus.

Backing up

Another important step to ensure that your file security is on point is through backing up your files. Ensure that you keep backing up all your important data from time to time. Nobody is sure when his or her computer will get infected. To avoid getting a double loss, ensure that you back up your file by storing them in the cloud or making a copy on a hard drive. Your data can be manipulated in one way or another by the so-called cache killer extensions. However, not all extensions are a scam.

Avoid spam emails

Always try to delete before opening emails that come straight to your email spam folder. Do not even attempt to open email sent to as spam. The mail might contain harmful attachments with may harm your computer or whatever device you are using. Fraudsters can cook up and send random emails that are encrypted with threats. And once you open them, your system becomes corrupted with malicious files which may affect your files and compromise your privacy.


The fake cache killer extension can generate a fake update that pop-up on your computer. Therefore, avoid such updates because they might generate malicious codes that will later compromise your web credibility and privacy. If you want to update your programs, ensure it is done from official websites.


22bkbvkjfkNever download freeware software that you are not sure of. Most malware cases are as a result of downloading unknown freeware programs from a random site that are not reviewed or licensed. Therefore, avoid downloading programs from insecure websites. Also, install all applications using the custom option to prevent any malicious attachment from affecting your computer.