How to choose a VPN service provider

A VPN service is a tool used commonly today to protect users’ privacy when browsing the internet. They achieve this by creating a kind of encrypted tunnel where all the submitted data on the web can go through. Because of the encryption, individuals who intercept the data will find it impossible to read and understand. It can be difficult to choose the best VPN service provider with so many of them around. Here are the criteria you can use to help you choose the best VPN service, provider. You can check vpnrupted.com for more details on VPN service providers.

Verify VPN protocols


If you are more concerned with the data encryption, then you have to verify the protocols of the VPN. Open SSTp and VPN are some of the most secure protocols in the market. Restrictive protocols tend to block VPN connections, so if you have this, then you will need to use an SSL VPN protocol.

Technical support

Ask yourself the following questions before you consider choosing a particular service provider. Is contacting them easy? Does the staff have technical stuff knowledge? You need to answer such questions before going to a VPN service provider. If you are using VPN connection for your work, then you cannot risk losing the VPN connection for long.


As far as reliability is concerned, you need to know the number of users who mention the downtime of the provider in question. You also should know if the VPN connection often gets disconnected.

Speed of the VPN connection

Like any other internet connection, you have to take note of the speed of the VPN provided by the provider before you can choose a given provider. Nobody wants to wait for a long before a web page opens.

Account setup process

Most customers are usually not tech-savvy hence are not aware of the technical matters. The process of setting up a VPN connection should be easy and simple and should take a short time. It should take less than five minutes.

Find out the VPN’s bandwidth limit

vpnbandwidthYou need to know if a given provider has set a limit to the VPN connection. You may need a large bandwidth limit if you have connected to the web on a daily basis, watch movies and videos online and download stuff.

The emergency of VPN has been considered a blessing to the internet world, especially to those who value privacy a lot. Big companies trust their VPN service providers to protect their company data and so you should too. Private networks are capable of hiding your IP address and preventing access by unauthorized individuals. They also secure private data stored on your personal computer which is all you need.…